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Kaiser Permanente - San Francisco, California

Provides mental health assessment, diagnosis, treatment and crisis intervention services for adult and/or child members ... with a broad range of mental health. Collaborates with treating physician, psychiatric and allied health professional team to plan ... and direct each individual members treatment program. Provides consultation to psychiatrists, allied health professionals, and other

Emergency Rm RN - Clinic FT Nights

Kaiser Permanente - San Diego, California

As the leader of the health care team, provides professional nursing care, utilizing the nursing process in accordance ... with established standards of care, policies, and procedures. Demonstrates performance consistent with the Medical Center Vision, Mission ... , and Strategic Plan of the organization. Remains flexible to changing systems; is expected to demonstrate quality andeffectiveness

EKG Technician, Grade 445

Kaiser Permanente - Santa Rosa, California

Essential Functions: • Greets patients in a pleasant and professional manner. • Prepares and explains procedures to patient ... . • Operates EKG equipment by applying lead placements to patients. • Prepares EKG tracing for interpretation indicating the required ... information (age, medical record number, phone number, etc.). • Responds to emergency situations as necessary. • May assist

RN Educator TPMG [Vallejo & Sacramento]

Kaiser Permanente - Vallejo, California

Responsible for clinical education and training programs to meet the learning and developmental needs of the AACC staff. Designs ... , implements, and evaluates strategies to maintain clinical competency of care providers. Essential Functions: • Designs ... , implements, and evaluates programs that meet learning and competency development needs of clinical staff. • Responds quickly to corporate

Psychological Assistant

Kaiser Permanente - Sacramento, California

Under the supervision of a licensed Psychologist or board certified Psychiatrist, provides mental health assessment and triage ... , diagnosis, treatment and crisis intervention services for adult and/or child members with a broad range of mental health problems ... . Under supervision, may collaborate with treating primary care providers and with psychiatric and allied health professional team

HIM Coding Review Specialist

Kaiser Permanente - Clackamas, Oregon

Under limited supervision, the HIM Coding Review Specialist will coordinate, monitor, and audit documentation and coding ... of inpatient and/or outpatient services in all applicable health care settings. Audits will focus on correct assignment of CPT, ICD-9-CM ... , HCPSC codes and clinician documentation to ensure that Kaiser Permanente is compliant with all regulatory guidelines and internal

Research Post Doctoral Fellow

Kaiser Permanente - Oakland, California

A two to three year position appointment which involves full-time research under the supervision of a Research Scientists ... /Biostatistician I, II, or III. The Fellow is expected to publish; assist in research development; and serve as a Research Fellow ... on multiple on-going efforts for the hiring Senior Scientist. Essential Functions: • Supports well-defined research with minimal

Executive Director Prevention and Population Quality Services

Kaiser Permanente - Denver, Colorado

Executive Director, Population, Prevention and Quality Services provides executive leadership for population care, prevention ... services and quality programs to improve the health status of KPCO members and to support the region's health care teams and network ... partners. Position is also responsible for directing and leading population and preventive services and plans for employers

Physical Therapist OAKLAND

Kaiser Permanente - Oakland, California

Responsible for the physical therapy management of patients under the direction and supervision of the Rehabilitation Services ... Director. Essential Functions: • Evaluates patients and interprets evaluation findings to determine the nature and extent ... of dysfunction. • Establishes treatment goals and plans treatment to achieve established goals. • Initiates discharge planning from physical

L&D Nursing Dept Asst Manager, RN - Dayshift FT Temporary Irvine

Kaiser Permanente - Irvine, California

For one large unit or more than one smaller unit within a 24 hour department, supervises the implementation, delivery ... and evaluation/improvement of quality patient care/nursing operations and services that add value and are integrated with nursing standards ... of practice, service priorities and performance/outcomes measures, as well as with departmental, business and organizational goals

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What Is Healthcare?

In simple terms, healthcare relates to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illnesses, diseases and injuries. As you can imagine, healthcare covers every aspect of care related to health and wellbeing so the sector is extremely diverse and has a range of subsectors; namely medicine, nursing, dentistry, chiropractics and pharmacy. In general terms, healthcare jobs can normally be split into two main sectors – primary care and secondary care. Primary healthcare relates to the first point of consultation a patient receives and usually refers to the care given in family GPs and dentists. Primary healthcare jobs normally involve working with patients of all ages and from all works of life who may be suffering from common diseases and afflictions like depression, asthma and arthritis.

Secondary healthcare usually involves caring for patients who are suffering from niche illnesses and injuries. Secondary healthcare jobs can relate to areas like dermatology and cardiology and can usually be found in hospitals or specialist healthcare facilities. On top of primary and secondary healthcare, healthcare jobs can also relate to things like food safety, family planning and providing care in assisted living facilities and home care.

What Is Involved In Healthcare Jobs?

Healthcare is an extremely diverse sector and the types of tasks involved will depend on the particular area of the healthcare industry you’re looking to go into. First up, healthcare jobs are available in dentist surgeries. From taking patient histories to preparing equipment for treatment, you’ll carry out a wide range of tasks in a dental nursing role and, depending on your skills, you may even get to help with things like taking X-rays and teeth whitening. On the other hand, healthcare jobs located in family GP surgeries can include things like scheduling tests and treatments, educating patients on health, exercise and healthy eating and escorting patients to and from exam rooms.

Healthcare jobs located in emergency rooms can be extremely stressful and usually involve making rapid patient assessments, administering medication and administering anaesthetics and administering emergency procedures like CPR. Want to work in a healthcare job in a chiropractor’s? You’ll get to schedule appointments, compile medical charts, develop X-rays and perform therapy. Last but not least, if you’re interested in working in medical coding healthcare jobs, you’ll be responsible for analysing doctors’ notes, assigning standard codes for each procedure and invoicing the appropriate insurance agency.

What Key Skills Do You Need For A Healthcare Career?

The healthcare industry is one of the biggest in the US at the moment so healthcare jobs can be a great career choice. Regardless of whether you want to go into dentistry, pharmacy, medicine or chiropractics, for any healthcare job you’ll need to have great people skills, amazing communication skills and be able to work in a high pressure environment. Similarly, you’ll also need to be able to work well as part of a team and you’ll need to be able to multi-task.

When it comes to qualifications for healthcare jobs, it really depends on what you want to do. Some healthcare careers require formal training and official licences, while others require nothing more than a high school diploma so you definitely need to do some research before you decide to go down any healthcare career path.

Jobs: 41 - 50 of 61,507
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